How to switch to SVO

To make a diesel vehicle run reliably on SVO it is necessary to fit a conversion kit to the vehicle. The kit in simple terms heats the SVO and thins it down to the same thickness/viscosity as diesel. This allows it to pass through the fuel delivery system in the same way as diesel and burn cleanly in the engine.

Elsbett Car Sticker

Conversion kits which enable vehicles to run solely on SVO, known as ‘one tank’ kits, have been developed over the last 25 years by the German company Elsbett. Driving vehicles fitted with these kits is essentially no different compared to regular, day to day driving on diesel, with the exception of what you put in the fuel tank.

Vehicle suitability

Not all diesel vehicles are suitable to convert to SVO. Diesel vehicles fitted with most types of rotary pump produced by Lucas, CAV, Delphi, Stanadyne and Rotodiesel are not recommended for conversion by Elsbett. In addition, vehicles with common-rail direct injection and unitary direct injection engine designs cannot be generally converted with ‘one tank’ kits as they require start up on diesel.

Conversions involving ‘two tank’ kits are required for these vehicles. To find a comprehensive list of the vehicles that can and cannot be converted it is best to visit the following database on the Elsbett website: . (Click “Conversion Kits” on the center green bar, then click “PKW/Kleinbusse/Cars/Vans” on the center green bar).