• Details of courses run in partnership with Veg Oil Motoring on veg oil vehicle conversion (for 2008) and making biodiesel:
  • For details on Elsbett multi fuel kit conversions:
  • Danish organisation with lots of experience of using the Elsbett system and processing cold pressed rape seed oil:
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    Elsbett’s Online shop in English. Click the ‘PKW/Kleinbusse/Cars/Vans/ Personenwagens/Busjes/Vans’ link to take you through to the catalogue.
  • Irish site with lots of coverage of Elsbett converted vehicles:
  • For a data base of drivers’ experiences with straight vegetable oil and other veg oil/biodiesel topics:
  • For courses on how to make bio diesel and other renewable technologies:
  • Extensive website on biofuels and the issues of using used cooking oil:
  • Interesting price comparison website for prices of vegetable oil in the major supermarkets.  Remember pure food grade rape seed oil meets the German Din 51605 fuel standard and is suitable for use in all SVO converted vehicles: