Mixing diesel & SVO

Is it possible just to blend vegetable oil with diesel and use this in an unconverted engine?

We get asked this question so often that we have devoted this page to it to try and prevent the huge volumes of emails we get asking this question.

Veg Oil Motoring does not advocate using SVO in unconverted engines, for the reasons mentioned below, therefore please do not email us regarding this.

Our line is that there is probably a blend of SVO and diesel that will function in diesel engines without causing long term damage. This blend will vary between the many different diesel engines on the market and therefore we cannot say for each particular engine whether this is 20% or 0.2% blend of SVO to diesel, as few reliable trials have been completed. For this reason Veg Oil Motoring cannot recommend a blend, and vehicle owners trying this method of using SVO do so at their own risk. The risk to other road users should be considered as well. It is important to be aware that this approach is more likely to cause problems with direct injection engines and engines with the unsuitable fuel injection pumps mentioned else where on the site.